Frank Sinatra slept here

Tired of all the modern city hotels and ready for some island time with Jimmy Buffet music and one of the grandest hotels anywhere. Hotel Galvez is less than a tank away and harks back to much simpler yet grander times.

May Day, May Day!

“May Day, May Day, outside frolics start today!” After years of hearing my late father-in-law’s ritual rhyme, I wake up every first of May with the lyric and visions of outdoor living skipping through my head.

pence_thumbnail2A New Game | Baseball like it should be played.

Baseball like it should be played. Hunter Pence is a good reason to root for the Astros By William Hanover

  Cold Case Connie

Houston Police Department’s Connie Park could be an    Asian version of Cold Case’s Lilly Rush.

wineHands on Texas Wine

Here at Intown, we love wine and we love Texas maybe even more. So this topic seemed a natural fit. What we didn’t know is that there is an entire industry—an entire Texan industry, to be sure, devoted to wine. And it’s been around since 1650. That’s right, before there was Texas there was Texas wine.

Charles Justiz

The beefy six-foot, silver-haired pilot looks like an ad in GQ magazine, as he lounges in front of a T-38 that would make Tom Cruise’s Maverick from Top Gun drool.

sellcitySelling the City

The people, the places, the events and the ideas that shape this ardent, divergent and vibrant city.

Houston's Green Leaders


In a culture where ‘going green’ is a growing concern, Houston is following the movement to its foundation—green building. For those who don’t know, green building entails not just energy and environmental efficiency but economic responsibility as well.


A Little Gem Dazzles in Montrose

Nestled among towering ancient oak trees, and often overlooked even by Houstonians, La Colombe d’ Or Mansion is an oasis in the midst of Montrose, one of the few remaining oil baron mansions in the area.

poured-wine-100Lone Star Wine Shines Bright

It’s no secret that when the rest of the world thinks of Texas, they often envision the sterotypes- belt buckles, beef, and a tasty bottle

Peter C. Marzio, the Game Changer

I worked closely with Peter Marzio at the MFAH for close to 18 years. One way to convey the enormous impact of his work is to compare the museum that I first saw in 1984, just one year after Peter had become director, with what was there when I moved away from Houston in 2003.

coastTouring the Texas Coast

It’s summer and that means it’s time to hit the beach. No kidding, but there are a lot of beaches along the Texas coast that are worth checking out.

Hats Off to Houston’s The Hat Store

You’ve got your boots, jeans and pearl snap shirt.

Now you just need that perfect cowboy hat for rodeo.

rockets-smallWelcome to Houston - Final Four City

The Rockets Power Dancers are a team of performers to be reckoned with. They are a diverse group of girls with different professions, qualities, ages, ethnicities, talents, schedules and strengths.

final4logoFinal Four Houston Dining Guide & Steak Bracketology

Maybe Vegas and New York and possibly Chicago can rival the number and quality of steakhouses, but Houston may be in a class of its own.