We all could use a little less confusion in our lives. Have you ever come home from a long day at the office wanting to relax, only to forget which of the five remotes and in what order to use them just to watch the news or your favorite shows? How about one device that can control your entire home or office at a reasonable price? More security, better lighting, the right volume of music and improving your home’s energy efficiency as well. you don’t have to be an internet guru or geek to enjoy a controlled lifestyle with the Control 4 system.

How about waking up to heated bathroom floors on a chilly morning/ How about when the sun is rising and hitting your windows, your shades automatically come down , saving on energy and your air conditioning bills. Another great feature is being able to play different music in every room simultaneously. The system can alert you at home or your office if one of your doors have been opened at either location. If you forgot to turn up the air conditioning or turn down the heat before you left not to worry. Just pull it up on your phone or tablet and adjust from wherever you are. Monitoring your babies room and unlocking the front door from afar are all possbile with just one system.
Launched by Will Wets and Eric Smith in 2005 with millions in venture capital , this team had already had a winner with another control company they sold called Phast. Revenues at the Utah based company Control 4 based on their  projections are approaching $100 million in sales. These high tech but simple control systems can be used with Apple or Android systems. With the tap of your finger you can control a plethora of things that make your life better. All personalized control and automated solutions from Control4 are required to be installed and service by an authorized dealer. To see a video demo go to control4.com/myhome.

Side bar to the story- Average American household has 4 remotes.
There is over $240 billion spent annually on energy use for the home and some experts say that with efficiency improvements we can cut that number by 50%.
By 2019 Pike research says the smart appliance market will hit $26 billion.
According to the Consumer Electronics Association the average household spends $1,380 on electronics and owns 25 electronic devices.