From the 1990s through most of the 2000s, the number of high net worth individuals in the U.S.—those with investable assets of $1 million or more—grew at nearly three times the rate of GDP growth. How did this remarkable growth happen? A nearly 20-year bull run in the equity markets and skyrocketing real estate values fueled almost unprecedented wealth creation. It seemed as if the American Dream of being rewarded for hard work was coming true for more people than ever before.

Then, things got really interesting, and as we all painfully remember, that incredible expansion, considered the longest economic boom in U.S. history, swiftly ended with a period of market turbulence and confusion.

The 2008 market crash, a lingering recession, political uncertainty and a roller coaster stock market that dented portfolios left Americans with new wealth indecisive about the management of their assets and plans for retirement. Factor in high unemployment, a longer life expectancy, millions of Baby Boomers hitting the historical retirement age of 65, vanishing pensions, and Social Security concerns, and it is no surprise that today there is significant anxiety surrounding the future.

You may be searching for a way to navigate more confidently through the uncertainties of the current economic environment and make the most of your new wealth opportunities. If so, one financial solution can seamlessly address the full range of your unique needs.

Given the unknowns of today’s markets and a slow economic recovery, more and more people in your circumstances are turning to a single, trusted private banker to provide comprehensive financial guidance and advice, and to streamline and reduce the number of advisors needed for various financial activities. There are good reasons to seriously consider this option.

No longer just a luxury, working with one trusted and knowledgeable private banker as your point of contact offers multiple benefits. As your personal advocate, this professional has the advantage of seeing your complete financial life clearly by taking the time to know you, your family, and your personal and professional goals. This comprehensive approach enables your private banker to provide you timely, relevant, and valuable advice with more depth and latitude than you have experienced with other advisors.

By identifying opportunities and obstacles early, your private banker can use his or her knowledge about your circumstances to offer the right financial solution at the right time, delivering it personally or through a vast network of organizational or third party contacts. As your most effective advocate, your private banker is not bound by the products of his or her organization or by the markets, instead focusing solely on you and recommending only the products and services that further your own goals and potential. In short, your private banker’s primary job is to help you build, monitor, and modify your life plan by understanding your situation and desires and recognizing your potential and goals.

The bottom line: Whether your need is banking, investments or insurance, a private banker is your portal to diverse financial products and services that are customized to your own needs and address your short- and long-term concerns.

Corey F. Powell
is a Relationship
Manager at Frost
Bank’s River Oaks
location, 2443