"NIGHT FURY." 83.5"x 31.25" Henry Membreño, 2012.

Henry Membreño: New Works


Gallery Opening @ Imago Dei

June 15th, 5-8pm

2525 Robinhood

Houston, TX 77095

P: 713.520.5557



Local contemporary artist, Henry Membreño's, "New Works" are emotive abstractions comprised by fusing acrylics, pigments, and graphite on various substrates. In his exploration of gesture, he seek to develop recurring motions that illustrate the development and degeneration of memory.


Membreno's family fled to Mexico from El Salvador in 1973. Because of his affiliation with Jose Napoleon Duarte's stifled Christian Democratic party, Membreno's father was scheduled for political assassination, along with his family, by the growing military death squads. After seeking temporary asylum in Mexico, they continued to the US where artist Henry Membreño was born in Weslaco, Texas in 1975 as the first American-born child. He spent his formative years in Houston and continued his education in NYC. After graduating from The Cooper Union in 1998, he remained in Manhattan as a life-drawing instructor. Membreño arrived in Los Angeles in 1999 working in television and fashion design. He left LA in 2006, returning to Texas where he now works as a fine artist.


"NEBULA WHIP." "96" x 48" Henry Membreño, 2012.

"BLUE RETURN." 72" x 48" Henry Membreño, 2012.

"WHIP DIPTYCH." 96"x 36" Henry Membreño, 2012.

"GULF."42" x 32" Henry Membreño, 2012.

"VIGNETTES AT DAWN." "40 x 24" Henry Membreño, 2012.