rsz_1Rodeo Houston BP Superies Championship Ends
    with A BANG; Champions Ride Away with $50,000. 

The 2013 RodeoHouston BP Super Series Championship culminated, Saturday, March 16, with eight champions grinning ear to ear and taking home $50,000, a RodeoHouston buckle and custom-made saddle.


Fred Whitfield, of Hockley, Texas, knew the time he had to beat as he shot out of the box on his last run at the 2013 RodeoHouston BP Super Series Tie-Down Roping Championship. Tying the calf in 7.8 seconds, the crowd went wild and Whitfield fed off their energy. His 2013 Super Series winnings totaled $57,000.rsz_41

“If you’re not emotional when you win $50,000, something is wrong with you,” Whitfield said. “The way the crowd reacted when I started raising the roof… it’s just an overwhelming feeling.”

Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)

Clint Robinson — Spanish Forks, Utah — $29,200

Stran Smith — Childress, Texas — $16,850

Shane Hanchey — Sulphur, La. — $8,500


Tom McFarland, of Bowie, Texas, pulled off a major win with a Shootout Round score of 93. Prior to barreling out of the chute, he learned Virgal, the bronc he drew from Mo’ Betta Rodeo Company, was one of the rankest horses in bareback riding.

“I didn’t have to worry if it would be enough of a horse to win,” McFarland said. “All I needed to do was my job and he would take care of the rest.”

As for his $54,200 paycheck, he plans to take his wife and daughter somewhere special to celebrate his big win after he finishes his next rodeo.Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)  

Winn Ratliff — Leesville, La. — $25,800

Wes Stevenson — Lubbock, Texas — $20,500

Will Lowe — Canyon, Texas — $16,200


Justin Davis, of Madisonville, Texas, and Clay Cooper, of Gardnerville, Nev., just started roping together this winter, but their success does not show it. In 5.6 seconds, they tied with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith in the Shootout Round. To end the tie, each rode again in a ride-off; Davis and Cooper came out on top with a 12.1-second run to secure their checks for $50,000 and the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Team Roping Championship title.

“We have the same plan, we just want to compete to the best of our abilities, back in [the box] and the results were great this time,” Davis said.

Cooper agrees, “Anytime you win is a good feeling, but to win a real big rodeo is great. To win it with a good friend and a good guy it just makes it icing on the cake.”Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)

Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith — Decatur, Texas/Lipman, Texas — $45,200

Travis Tryan and Cody Doescher—Dennis, Texas/Oklahoma City, Okla. — $35,000

Calvin Brevik and Travis Woodard —Durango, Colo. /Stephenville, Texas — $26,000


Wade Sundell has been second at RodeoHouston three times prior, but managed a score of 91 in the Shootout Round to clinch the Championship title and $62,000. After coming off a recent injury, he impressed with a first place ride in each night of the Super Series he rode.

“I knew the horse I drew and I knew that if you were going to win the $50,000 that was the one you needed,” he said. It worked out well for Sundell. Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)rsz_7

Cole Elshere — Milford, Utah— $23,950

Tyler Corrington —Guymon, Okla. — $18,233

Chad Ferley — Oelrichs, S.D. — $9,600


K.C. Jones, of Decatur, Texas, bulldogged his way to another saddle and buckle for his collection with a 5.4-second run in steer wrestling. As the champion, he earned an accumulated $53,950 from the 2013 RodeoHouston BP Super Series.

“This rodeo is one of my favorites,” Jones said. “I’ve been coming here for 20 years, trying to win it. You know, that phrase ‘never give up’ finally paid off.” Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)

Jake Rinehart—Highmore, S.D. — $24,300 rsz_3

Curtis Cassidy —Donalda, Al. — $15,200

Tyler Waguespack — Gonzales, La. — $12,200


Nancy Hunter, from Neola, Utah, beat her competition by one, one hundredth of a second, with a final time of 14.40 seconds. Hunter has been at RodeoHouston before, but never made it past the first round. Now, she has the title and $53,000.

“This is the biggest rodeo in the country and the one you hope you get invited to,” she said. “I’m just speechless right now.”

While her competition was running, Hunter said she did not watch the screen, just waited for their times to be called out. She and her family appreciate the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ for everything they do, and all the volunteers who make it a success. Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)

Sherry Cervi— Marana, Az. — $29,900rsz_5

Tana Renick — Kingston, Okla. — $19,200

Mary Walker — Ennis, Texas — $11,350


JW Harris grew up around rodeo, watching his dad ride bulls. He found his own passion for the sport and rode it all the way to the bank when he won the BP Super Series Bull Riding Championship and a $56,300 paycheck with an 89-point ride.

“Fifty-thousand dollars — that will get you down the road all year, for sure,” Harris said. “It takes the pressure away of having to win money to pay your bills off.”

 Rounding out the top four in the shootout (total 2013 RodeoHouston winnings)

Clayton Savage—Casper, Wyo. — $28,700rsz_6

Clayton Foltyn—Winnie, Texas— $12,550

Cody Whitney — Sayre, Okla. — $9,750

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