rsz_sarah_gishtwo_birdsThe Summer Book: A Guide to Houston Day
     Camps and Classes


This is a popular, unique, stand-alone guide to summer day camps in Houston.

This year’s edition lists 204 camps, some new categories (“Health/Fitness”; “Nature”; and “Spirituality/Religion”).Summer_Book_cover_2013

The book was created in 2003 out of a personal need to find interesting camps for the author’s then seven year old son. And now, ten years later, it’s still the guide Houston parents turn to for summer day camp research. The book is more than just a guide: because “it is my passion to ignite people’s lives and I feel it is especially important to ignite children’s lives, summer camps provide the perfect platform for kids to explore their own passions. “ “My constant question of people is, how will you ignite YOUR life,and I ask that of kids all the time,” states Gish The 2013 edition of THE SUMMER BOOK: A GUIDE TO HOUSTON DAY CAMPS AND CLASSES contains information on organizations that offer programs such as surfing camps, opera camps, drama camps, creative writing camps, science camps, inventing camps, and much, much more. Any interest that a kid has can be pursued, except for maybe underwater basket weaving! The book has evolved tremendously over the years as we’ve seen the variety and number of camps grow. And new this year, we’ll be taking it online as a searchable database (check for the launch). 

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