Glenn Davis: Brad, this season the Dynamo broke an MLS record for the longest home unbeaten streak, which was previously 34. Did you talk about it all before the games? Did Dominic Kinnear mention it at all?

Brad Davis: No, the only thing that was mentioned about it in our locker room was, after we tied the streak, Dom said, “I know we haven't talked much about it. I just want to say congratulations; you guys have tied an MLS record for unbeaten at home. Congratulations. Keep it going.” Literally, that's the only thing that was said about it.

We know how much the streak means to our fans and people who have been talking about it. It's something that we take pride in as well. We are extremely proud and happy of what we've been able to accomplish.

Glenn: When you guys come on the field, you’re thinking about it, it's a big moment in the press and, like you said, you know it’s meaningful to your fans. From that standpoint, it's a good source of motivation. Right?

Brad: Absolutely. We want to protect our house and do well. We take a lot of pride in playing at home. That's why you see the record that we have at home- it's a great place to play.

Our fans get extremely excited and that's one of the reasons that we have this record, because of our fans and because of the support if they give us late in games. It's tough out here with the weather and playing good teams, but the fans really give us a lift at the end of games. They are a part of this record just as much as we are.

Glenn: Dom, I know you’re sick & tired about being asked about the streak but it is quite an achievement.

Coach Kinnear: I think now that we have the record, you can step back and look at it; it’s impressive. The most important thing for me is the fans. If they go home happy, more times than not, you’ve done your job selling the sport [of soccer] in this town.

Glenn: Are we seeing teams play you differently at home now?

Coach: A little bit. Last year when the weather was hot, team’s would to sit back in a 4-3-3 with a loan striker, wait, and counter attack. It led to us having a ton of possession last year in some areas of the field.

I think it all depends on how teams start their season. If they come in looking for a win, they’re going to be more aggressive in pressuring us. It’s always important to score that first goal because, if they do come in with a plan in place, maybe it will alter a little bit.DominicKinnearMontrealImpactvHoustonDRd-9bxYghZx

Glenn: I always hear you back to the word “simplicity.” Is it important for a manager to focus on clarity with the players?

Coach: I think so. I always say that if you think you’re ahead of the game, you’re bringing in all these new things, and changing your style, you’re making yourself look like a dummy. I can only speak for me, but why change things up if you’re successful? It’s all about being simple. If you try to make things difficult, it becomes that. But if you keep it simple and there’s good work on and off the ball, it makes the game easy. It’s an easy game made difficult by dummies, and I don’t want to fall into that category.

Glenn: I know you watch a lot of games and you’re keeping up with trends in football, is that your escape as well as a way to keep you sharp as a manager?

Coach: Yes, but I’m also still a fan. Sometimes I just want to sit down on the couch and watch a game and really enjoy it. Sometimes you have to watch with a certain “eye” on it to see how things change. It’s funny that we saw teams that went to a 4-3-3, now they’re going back to a 4-4-2. You want to make sure you’re following the trends of the world game.

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