“Bathrooms are often small and people try to cram too much into the redesigned space”, according to Rob Hellyer at Premier Remodeling. Large cascading showers are now replacing smaller tubs and large soaking tubs are now replacing the noisy jacuzzi tubs that were fashionable in the eighties and nineties.


Today offer an array of spritzing devices designed for a larger area and a more fulfilling experience than the original shower heads. When planning your shower makeover, be sure your drainage system is set up by a professional that knows what he or she is doing.

Katheryn Houk of John Moore told us: I want body sprays, a rain can and a multifunction showerhead! There are so many great styles out there that offer more than just the traditional showerhead for your showering experience. Caution applies when installing more components than you had before. Your house was built with a water supply line sized to provide the volume of water required for your existing shower. If you are adding components such as an additional hand-held shower and a couple of body sprays you may need to have a John Moore Plumber increase the supply line to your new shower valve. Most modifications of this type will require a complete reconstruction of your shower including a new shower pan, tile and enclosures. John Moore Renovation, LLC can assist you in designing a shower system that incorporates all of the bells and whistles you desire, while ensuring you have good water pressure when the job is complete. The value that controls the water supply can also control the temperature. This is called a thermostatic valve. To learn more about how to build your dream shower call John Moore Renovation and ask for a free design consultation.


Occasionally people install carpet in their bathrooms. Not a good idea. Mold and mildew can form easily and flooring must be treated and installed to protect against this eventuality. Tile on a non-slip surface is the perfect choice. Most in-home accidents occur in the bathroom as result of rugs or another slippery surface. Tile should be laid on concrete and it is important to have a professional make sure that all points up to and including the walls are sealed properly. Marble flooring is an elegant choice and long lasting though more expensive. Wood flooring installed with a sealant is fabulous but requires bi-annual maintenance. Cork flooring has become popular due to ease of installation and maintenance. An astute mixture of surfaces can provide a stylish alternative.


Again, bigger is better with dueling vanities and sinks along with larger sinks and faucets that provide functionality and modern style. Sinks are available in many shapes, forms and materials and individuality is attainable.


Demand (tank-less) Water Heating

While either installed using electric or gas, these new products deliver efficiency from a pipe rather than a storage tank that can waste energy and water. Consulting a knowledgeable plumber first to make sure how many and what size you will need to perform all the necessary functions of dish washing, clothes washing, showers, etc., is paramount. Check references to make sure they understand building codes and specifications. When done correctly, there can be significant savings in water and power and also comfort—as you will never have to worry about running out of hot water.

The Loo

Today’s toilets have instituted 21st century technology that can be found in the newest offerings from Toto. They provide much more than your grandparents’ standard toilet did.

By: Katheryn Houk of John Moore