There is a new dynamic in the world of Interior Design. It is the increasing awareness that your home makes a statement about who you are. People want their home to reflect their lifestyle rather than a design style. They want furnishings that show their individuality and express who they are. As a result, eclecticism is in. Mix it up is the new aesthetic. Old meets new. Rustic meets contemporary. Antiques live next to modern furnishings. A cowhide graces a marble floor and crystals hang from a rusty chandelier.


It's all about layering. The dining table you grew up with can look fresh with a clean lined chair. Abstract art above an ornate buffet can bring it into the 21st century. Mixing antique with modern, traditional with mid-century, modern with ethnic can make a room look layered, soulful, evolved over time. The surprise of the mix creates visual interest and personality and shows off your unique style.


Scale and color are key to create the look. When mixing different styles or periods it is important to keep the scale similar so the pieces appear related. Showcase a carved mirror over a straight lined console table that is slightly wider than the mirror. The unexpected contrast will create a pleasing tension.


Unify the space with color. Mix up the wood finishes but select a color that you can repeat throughout the room. A color from the rug can be repeated in a painting or a pillow or a lamp. The eye will see that color repetition and the room will appear harmonious.

Enjoy your treasured items and find ways to incorporate them with fresh selections. Inspiration is, on television, in magazines.

Refresh, Refine, Redesign!


headshotMarie Scanlin Bio

Marie Scanlin managed Cierra Interiors for 15 years, from 1999 to  its closing in June 2014. Over the years she has worked with numerous Cierra clients to create personalized, interesting interiors....from mixing furnishings of different styles to complete remodels.

Currently, she is working as an independent interior stylist. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..