The JDRF Houston Gulf Coast Chapter kicked off their upcoming 2018 Promise Ball on Tuesday, December 5th at the home of Linda and Bob Brown. The 2018 Promise Ball honorees, and the wintery weather, put everyone in the holiday spirit with their merry décor that included garland, a Christmas tree and stockings hung by the fire. Plenty of libations and light bites were enjoyed as supporters mingled. Signs reading “eat me” and “drink me” were a nod to the upcoming “Through The Looking Glass” gala theme and encouraged guests to grab a refreshment and delicacy on their way out and end the night on a whimsical note.

Photo Credits: Bonner Rhoden

William Hagans, Deandrea Dillard

Rebecca Brown, Jordan Amis, Brian Amis

Peggy Kruckemeyer, Meredith Cocke

Pat and Kylie Cooney

Mark and Pam Carmain

Kellie and Randy Johnson

Honorees Bob and Linda Brown

Honorees Bob and Linda Brown, Board President Liz Vittor, Chairs Charity and John Todd, Amber and Clay Bretches

Charity and John Todd

Board President Liz Vittor, Honoree Linda Brown, Executive Director Rick Byrd

Andrea Bishop

Amber Bretches, Jen Morrill

Alexandra and Michael Golemi