It was designed and built so my father could have maximum mobility. Back then, there were no guidelines for accommodating structures for people with disabilities and very few products to pick from. He worked diligently with the builder to ensure it was built so he could independently function in his own home.

Today we enjoy a market filled with products to meet the demand for better designed living for people with disabilities. Better accessibility throughout your home is not just for disabled homeowners. Many of my customers are asking for modifications
that will allow them to remain in their home throughout their retirement years. Why pay for assisted living away from your home when you can remodel your home to accommodate you through your aging years.
Entry areas, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens; these are the major
areas for considering future needs for maneuverability throughout your living space.
The AARP Bathroom checklist includes 9 items to consider in remodeling features for better accessibility in your bathroom. Let’s look at some choices for products that will give you luxury as well as better accessibility.


Remodeling Your Home for Better AccessibilityA well-designed handicap bathroom allows an individual the ability to maneuver a wheelchair freely to access the sink, toilet and shower. The floor plan should allow easy access to all features of the bathroom. Personal care procedures can be done while sitting down with the proper modifications. There are many products to assist with personal care, raised toilet seats, walk-in bathtubs, roll-in showers, antiscald regulators, handrails, hardware and more. The American Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) provides a universal design guideline for remodeling a handicap bathroom. If you are considering remodeling your bathrooms, replace your standard bathtub with a low threshold or roll in shower pan.
Bathrooms are the most requested remodeling project for better accessibility modifications. A simple and cost effective modification is to remove the bathtub and install a wheelchair accessible shower pan. There are a number of products that can be used to create your new accessible shower. From cultured marble to custom fabricated shower pans, these showers can be as upscale and trendy as you would want.

Comfort Height Seat

Remodeling Your Home for Better AccessibilityA comfort height toilet with elongated bowl with seat provides the height of approximately 17” to 17 1/2” . This style will provide you another 2” in height compared to standard height toilets. Consider your options by adding Kohler’s C3®-200 elongated toilet seat with bidet functionality and in-line heater. Installing this plumbing fixture will actually require an electrician. A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is installed on the wall behind the toilet to power the heater. The sleek design is from Kohler’s Escale Suite. It features an extended access lavatory bowl for better accessibility including an easy to use single control lavatory faucet. This is for the homeowner who wants a current modern look.

Walk-in Tub

Walk-in tubs are a hit with homeowners. There are more modestly priced options today than there were two years ago. For the ultimate in design
and functionality look for a showroom that features this easy to access tub. Kohler offers the Elevance ‘rising wall’ tub. The outside wall of the tub lowers
for easy access. You can see one of these at John Moore’s showroom, at 10005 W Sam Houston Pkwy, N in Houston. Call ahead for your personal in-showroom or inhome consultation - 281-517-6199.

Anti-Scald Regulator with
Hand Shower on an Adjustable Bar

There are lots of choices in style and finish today for antiscald or technically referred to as pressure balance valves. Changing out your old fixtures will almost always require replacing the wall tile. Check out John Moore Renovation’s 72 Hour Shower package. It includes a complete remodel of your shower, predesigned and efficiently installed.

Roll-in shower

Roll-in showers in cultured marble can include a fold down shower seat and grab bars for better accessibility. A more upscale look can be achieved with tile and glass block splash panels with a built in corner seat.

Rocker-Style Light Switch

Changing out your old toggle switches to the sleek design of this rocker-style switch gives you a great look as well as ease of operation. Again you will need an electrician to ensure proper installation.

Offset Hinges

Several modifications to consider for your front door and other doors throughout the house would include:
• Swing Clear Hinges
• Threshold Ramps forExterior Entrances
• Levered Handles

Retrofitting a door with Swing Clear hinges can be done for as little as $150 per door. The hinges themselves range in price from $15-$60 per hinge, depending on the finish selected. You will need a door specialist to install these in order to ensure optimum operation.


According to the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG),” Thresholds at doorways shall not exceed 3/4 in (19 mm) in height for exterior sliding doors or 1/2 in (13 mm) for other types of doors. Raised thresholds and floor level changes at accessible doorways shall be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2 ratios.
Ramps can be built up with concrete or consider the installation of a factory made ramp such as this rubber threshold ramp. Depending on the design of your entry way, you may also need to install a hand rail.
For the best in style, quality workmanship and design to fit your personal needs, call John Moore Renovation to schedule a free consultation.

Katheryn Houk’s

Katheryn Houk, CGR, CAPS, CGP
General Manager, John Moore Renovation LLC
Is a certified Aging in Place Specialist