Talk to Your Children (and Parents) about Shared Financial Picture



Protecting Your Retirement Investments During a Job Transition

by Patrick H. Lesley

It’s 2011: Do You Know Where All Your Retirement Savings Are?

A Traditional IRA here… A rollover IRA there… Four job changes (so far!) and three retirement plan account balances left in the plans of former employers.

Investors Can Learn from World Cup Teams

It’s World Cup time, and soccer fans everywhere are focusing on South Africa, where 32 countries compete for what may be the most coveted championship in all of sports.

Looking for a financial advisor? 

Looking for a financial advisor? Ask the Right Questions

Like most people, you probably are plenty busy with your work and family. So you may not have the time and expertise needed to thoroughly understand the investment world. That's why you may want to work with a professional financial advisor.

Investing 101

In life, you can’t avoid all risks — and you shouldn’t try, because endeavors that carry risk also bring the prospect of reward. And it’s certainly the same in the investment world.

Real Illusions

We all like to think that we make rational and wise decisions when managing our money. But most of us are influenced far more by our emotions than our brains.


401(k) Review and Rollover Can Be Rewarding

Your 401(k) offers tax-deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth of earnings potential and a variety of investment options


Getting the Most From Your 401(k)

Over the years, you may have accumulated a significant sum in various retirement accounts. While keeping those assets in varioius accounts at different financial institutions isn't necessarily a bad thing, there is a strong case for consolidating them into one account with the same financial institution.